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At Semper Sec, we craft custom security compliance solutions for organizations of all sizes—helping them fortify a robust security posture. Our unique approach not only aligns with your specific needs but also positions your organization for sustainable growth by turning compliance into your strategic advantage. 

Free Webinar: Make Compliance Easy with DevOps

Join Us On Wed Jun 12 @ 12:30pm EST
Bradley Stine

Bradley Stein
 CISO & CO-Founder, Semper Sec

Quentin Hartman

Quentin Hartman
Owner, Principal Consultant
Hartkraft Technology Services

Dive deep into how DevOps can streamline your compliance approach—ensuring your technical architecture and infrastructure are robust, secure, and compliant. You'll learn:

  • Compliance Tips
  • DevOps Best Practices
  • Technical Architecture Overview
  • Infrastructure Need-to-Knows
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Your Battle Buddy in Cybersecurity

Does navigating cybersecurity compliance feel like an uphill battle? Watch this short video from our CEO, Rob Carson, to learn how Semper Sec demystifies security frameworks and compliance. If you want to save time and alleviate your blue team, then this video is for you. And—if you're curious how we can turn compliance into your competitive edge, schedule your free strategy session today.

"It was a daunting task to wrap our head around the whole process. Semper Sec systematically laid everything out in a very simple fashion and got it implemented."

"In comparison to other consultants, Semper Sec felt like a partnership the whole time, even during the audit. It felt like a collaboration throughout, versus being told what to do."

"Semper Sec showed us that just understanding the gaps is half the battle. Prioritizing against business risks has helped us move the needle significantly."

Our Diverse Framework Expertise is Your Strategic Advantage

We offer extensive expertise across industry-leading security and compliance frameworks. Our deep knowledge ensures your security strategy is both inclusive and forward-looking, catering to the specific needs of your business and regulatory environment. When you request a free strategy session, we can help you determine which framework(s) will help you meet your business goals.

NIST 800 171

ISO 27701


ISO 27001

Explore Our Tailored Services

Security Framework
Streamline your security strategies by leveraging our deep expertise in various frameworks to boost your cyber resilience. We make complex standards accessible and actionable.

Security Compliance
Gap Assessments
Identify and bridge the gaps in your security posture with our detailed, comprehensive assessments. We spotlight vulnerabilities and help you chart a clear path to robust protection.

Security Compliance Implementation
Transform compliance from a checkbox to a strategic advantage. Our tailored plans complement your business operations, enhancing security without hindering growth.

Compliance as a Service
Offload the complexity of maintaining ongoing compliance. Our audit-ready CaaS solution keeps you ahead of regulatory changes with continuous monitoring and adaptation.

Looking for A Solution for Your Industry?

Employee Assistance Programs
Elevate your EAP services with bespoke security strategies that build trust and ensure compliance.

Managed Service Providers
Enhance your MSP offerings with strategic cybersecurity partnerships that differentiate your services.

Here's Why Organizations of All Sizes Trust Semper Sec

  • We Understand Enterprise Customers: Semper Sec has expertise across multiple verticals in the enterprise space. Scaling and scoping programs are critical in enterprise environments. Our consultants work with various teams to identify business and cyber risks and help security teams create a roadmap to mature the security program. Our certified auditors can assess multiple frameworks at the same time across the organization evaluating the effectiveness of the controls.   
  • We Grasp the Needs of Growing Small to Mid-size Businesses: If your business has under 1,000 employees, security is likely a fledgling function, with minimal staff. Our team tailors a compliance program to your capabilities in order to ensure it is easy to follow and maintain today and as you grow.
  • Our Seasoned Experts Guide You Through the Process: Semper Sec’s team is made up of experienced professionals who have implemented compliance as CIOs or CISOs. Our experts will be by your side to discuss cyber security frameworks and guide you through compliance tasks to ease the experience.
  • We Tailor Programs to Your Goals, Resources & Risk Profile: Our team ensures we have a clear understanding of your business vision as well as the security risks that go along with it. This helps us advise you on appropriate frameworks and implementation plans that position you securely for today and into the future.
  • Together We Create Resilient Cybersecurity to Thwart Threats: Smaller businesses with leaner cybersecurity protections have become a favorite target for adversaries. Our team leverages CIO/CISO experience to design an effective, right-sized security strategy to enable your staff to protect your assets and minimize risk.

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Dive deep into cybersecurity essentials and sharpen your defenses in our engaging webinars. Gain actionable insights and strategies to bolster your organization's security posture.

Watch the Blue Team Warrior Podcast
Join CEO Rob Carson as he converses with leading cybersecurity professionals, uncovering insights and trends shaping our digital defenses. Explore current and past episodes for a treasure trove of knowledge.

Explore the Cyber Library
Navigate the world of cybersecurity literature with our curated reading list tailored for various roles. Plus, dive into monthly book reviews by Jay Carson ("Cyber Dad") to enrich your cybersecurity knowledge.

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