Semper Sec tailors security programs and streamlines security compliance programs that exactly fit what businesses of all sizes need to drive a security minded culture and enables them to unleash their full growth potential.

Simplified & Tailored Security Compliance

security framework consulting

clients Are saying...

"We had processes and procedures in place, some followed very closely and some not. It took Semper Sec to help us evaluate and really see what truly worked for us as a company."

"Semper Sec's crawl, walk, run methodology allowed everyone involved to be more relaxed during an intimidating process."

"It was a daunting task to wrap our head around the whole process. Semper Sec systematically laid everything out in a very simple fashion and got it implemented."

Security Framework Consulting services support businesses in implementing and managing their compliance and security measures. This includes defining the overall security strategy and implementing a comprehensive security framework to protect the business's information assets, ensure regulatory compliance, and foster growth. In addition, our Security Framework Consulting services help clients build trust with customers and improve the quality of their products and services.

Security Compliance Gap Assessments

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"Semper Sec showed us that just understanding the gaps is half the battle. Prioritizing against business risks has helped us move the needle significantly."

"Semper Sec helped us mitigate gaps with what has worked best. Since they've implemented and managed countless environments, they were able to find the right mitigation strategy that fit our business."

"We had processes and procedures in place, some followed very closely and some not. It took a third party to help us evaluate and really see what truly worked for us as a company."

Security compliance gap assessments are a critical part of information security. The process of security gap analysis aims to identify gaps in information security programs, allowing organizations to implement security controls and procedures that will protect their information assets. Third-party assessments are highly beneficial, as they provide an objective perspective, counterpoint to critical decisions and a baseline for the state of information security. A comprehensive security assessment can identify gaps in a variety of security measures, from technical controls to network and server applications.

Security Compliance Implementation

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"Semper Sec takes a partner approach in understanding where a business is at and develops a tailored security program to ensure the necessary security doesn’t slow down productivity."

"Semper Sec was a knowledgeable partner who helped shepherd my team throughout the entire engagement."

"Going through this process and documenting what was currently being done, Semper Sec supplied suggestions on how to streamline a lot of those processes."

In addition to ensuring that information is properly secured, security compliance implementation means that a business can meet the requirements of various regulatory statutes. For example, the HIPAA and GDPR both require the protection of electronic protected health information. The risk of unauthorized access to such information increases with the interconnected nature of IT infrastructure. Furthermore, more sensitive data is being collected each year. To stay compliant with federal regulations and key regulatory statutes, a strong security risk management strategy is essential. And with the sophistication of cyberattacks and data breaches, a strong security posture is a necessity.

Compliance as a Service Or CAAS

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"With Semper Sec we were able to be certified within 6 months, without having to expand resources or dedicate additional team members to maintain the program."

"Semper Sec became an extension of the team and we wanted to be successful, just like they wanted us to be successful."

"In comparison to other consultants, Semper Sec felt like a partnership the whole time, even during the audit. It felt like a collaboration throughout, versus being told what to do."

Security Compliance

When a company adopts a cloud service, like Compliance as a Service or CaaS solution, it frees up valuable resources that are better spent on other tasks. For example, a compliance officer can devote more time to providing exceptional customer service, while an IT department can focus on overseeing complex projects. In addition, the company's legal team and agents will not have to waste valuable time researching regulatory requirements and searching for possible issues. And the provider will ensure that the technology is constantly updated to ensure compliance.


Gap Assessment

 We evaluate existing cyber security programs and controls against chosen frameworks. We develop a road map aligned with business goals, and resources.


Choose from several options that includes light or heavy involvement by our team. We provide optional sales products to promote your certification status. 


With Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS), our team helps you keep up to date with changes in technologies, regulations and statutes on an ongoing basis. 


We can help you determine which framework(s) will help you meet your business goals.


Nist 800 171


ISO 27701



ISO 27701


Recommended Cybersecurity and Privacy Reading List

Semper Sec has designed a reading list to further educate the different levels of cybersecurity professionals.

We hope to provide value to those involved with this industry and welcome all feedback in regards to the titles presented.  

Why Businesses of All Sizes Work With Semper Sec

We Understand Enterprise Customers

Semper Sec has expertise across multiple verticals in the enterprise space.  Scaling and scoping programs are critical in enterprise environments.  Our consultants work with various teams to identify business and cyber risks and help security teams create a roadmap to mature the security program.  Our certified auditors can assess multiple frameworks at the same time across the organization evaluating the effectiveness of the controls.   

Security Compliance for Growing Small to Mid-sized Businesses

We Grasp the Needs of Growing Small to Mid-size Businesses

If your business has under 1,000 employees, security is likely a fledgling function, with minimal staff. Our team  tailors a compliance program to your capabilities in order to ensure it is easy to follow and maintain today and as you grow.

Semper Sec Experts Guide You Through the Compliance Process

Our Experts Guide You Through the Process

Semper Sec’s team is made up of experienced professionals who have implemented compliance as CIOs or CISOs. Our experts will be by your side to discuss cyber security frameworks and guide you through compliance tasks to ease the experience.

We Tailor Programs to Your Goals, Resources & Risk Profile

We Tailor Programs to Your Goals, Resources & Risk Profile

Our team ensures we have a clear understanding of your business vision as well as the security risks that go along with it. This helps us advise you on appropriate frameworks and implementation plans that position you securely for today and into the future.

Semper Sec Helps to Create Resilient Cybersecurity to Thwart Threats

Together We Create Resilient Cybersecurity to Thwart Threats

Smaller businesses with leaner cybersecurity protections  have become a favorite target for adversaries. Our team leverages CIO/CISO experience to design an effective, right-sized security strategy to enable your staff to protect your assets and minimize risk. 

Find Out How Security Compliance Can Enhance Your Success!