Simplified & Tailored Security Compliance

Established in 2017, Semper Sec helps small to mid-sized businesses build security programs and navigate security compliance to maintain competitive advantage.

Semper Sec comprises seasoned security professionals who have worked for large companies as CIOs and CISOs and are determined to simplify and tailor security compliance so that it is practical for every business.

Having walked in the shoes of many of our clients, these consultants make excellent compliance mentors. They understand the real life challenges of balancing robust security with budgets, resources and productivity. They have faced and mastered daunting regulatory requirements. This real world experience enables our consultants to expertly guide businesses through compliance processes, streamlining and customizing programs to team size and process maturity. 

Semper Sec clients include Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Providers, government contractors and non-profit organizations.  The company is privately owned and located in Colorado.


Security compliance is key to business success. As a trusted advisor, we leverage hands-on information security experience to guide small to mid-sized businesses through the critical compliance certification processes, reducing chaos, calming fears, strengthening security and positioning them for growth.

Company Name

“Semper” means “Always” in Latin and “Sec” stands for Security. The company name represents our philosophy: To succeed in today’s perilous digital world, organizations must always prove they are secure to customers, partners and investors. Trust through security compliance is critical to the free flow of business, sales — and success. 

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