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Do you ever feel like you're up against an ever-shifting compliance landscape? If so, you're not alone. We simplify this journey, giving you a tailored and unified approach to security compliance.

We can help you align your business operations with global standards, ensuring your security program evolves as you grow. With Semper Sec, you'll navigate through compliance with confidence. And when audit time comes, we'll be your steadfast battle buddies in the trenches.

When you enlist Semper Sec, we will:

  • Streamline compliance across multiple frameworks
  • Tailor support to fit your unique business landscape
  • Serve as your compliance ally (or virtual CISO as needed)
  • Develop simple, comprehensive strategies
  • Guarantee audit success with deep compliance standard insights
  • Offer practical solutions beyond off-the-shelf GRC tools
  • Stand by you for a successful compliance journey

Ready to simplify your path to compliance?

Discover how a tailored cybersecurity strategy from Semper Sec can become your competitive edge. Schedule your free strategy session today and transform compliance from a challenge into a triumph.

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Does navigating compliance frameworks feel like a maze? Watch this video from CEO Rob Carson to learn how our seasoned approach can help you manage multiple frameworks with one unified program.

Your Bases are Covered with Our Extensive Compliance Framework Expertise

  • NIST 800-171
  • ISO 27701:2022
  • ISO 27001:2022
  • SSAE SOC 2
  • PCI
  • GDPR
  • CMMC

"We had processes and procedures in place, some followed very closely and some not. It took Semper Sec to help us evaluate and really see what truly worked for us as a company."

"Semper Sec's crawl, walk, run methodology allowed everyone involved to be more relaxed during an intimidating process."

"It was a daunting task to wrap our head around the whole process. Semper Sec systematically laid everything out in a very simple fashion and got it implemented."

Security Compliance Gap Assessments

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Facing an upcoming audit? Hear from CEO Rob Carson on how Semper Sec identifies and fills your security gaps, making compliance achievable.

Considering a GRC Tool?

While off-the-shelf GRC tools promise comprehensive compliance coverage, they often fall short in practical application. They may lack the specificity your unique business needs, leaving gaps in your security posture. True compliance mastery requires a tailored approach that adapts to your specific challenges and goals, beyond what any standard tool can offer.

Do you feel uncertain about an upcoming audit or a new framework adoption? You're not the first!

Our Gap Assessments give your organization clarity and direction—leaving no stone unturned. Through detailed interviews and a meticulous review of your policies and procedures, we'll illuminate the path from where you are to where you need to be.

Our thorough process goes beyond just identifying gaps. We'll equip you with practical, innovative solutions tailored to your specific challenges. And, when audit time comes, you'll also be the hero who transforms potential vulnerabilities into strengths.

You're covered with our thorough and robust Gap Assessment process. We will:

  • Conduct comprehensive gap and internal audits.
  • Offer solutions for any identified gaps.
  • Implement controls with multiple strategies.
  • Transform you into the solutions hero.
  • Ensure compliance with rigorous standards.
  • Provide fun, yet thorough, assessment experiences.
  • Prepare you impeccably for upcoming audits.

Want to turn uncertainty into assured compliance?

Let's simplify your path to compliance together. Book your free strategy session now and take the first step towards transforming your compliance concerns into your competitive advantage.

"Semper Sec showed us that just understanding the gaps is half the battle. Prioritizing against business risks has helped us move the needle significantly."

"Semper Sec helped us mitigate gaps with what has worked best. Since they've implemented and managed countless environments, they were able to find the right mitigation strategy that fit our business."

"We had processes and procedures in place, some followed very closely and some not. It took a third party to help us evaluate and really see what truly worked for us as a company."

Security Compliance Implementation

Are you struggling to gain organizational buy-in for your cybersecurity program? It's a common challenge! With Semper Sec as your battle buddy, transforming technical proficiency into a holistic, audit-passing cybersecurity program becomes not just a goal but a reality.

Our expertise lies in not only navigating—but also prioritizing—what truly matters, ensuring you don’t waste valuable resources on non-essentials.

When you partner with Semper Sec, we will help you breathe life into your cybersecurity strategy, aligning it with your business needs and organizational culture.

As part of our Security Compliance Implementation program, we will:

  • Craft tailored policies and procedures that are a perfect fit for your organization
  • Draw comprehensive cybersecurity "treasure maps," guiding your team to success
  • Offload the burden of policy writing and risk assessment so you can focus on what's crucial
  • Conduct tabletop exercises and provide clear follow-ups, ensuring preparedness
  • Act as your steadfast ally during certifications, aligning the program with business objectives

Ready to transform your cybersecurity vision into a streamlined, business-aligned reality?

Let's map out your path to a robust security posture together. Book your strategy session now and unlock the full potential of your cybersecurity program with Semper Sec.

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Facing organizational resistance or stuck in the planning phase? Watch Rob Carson share how Semper Sec’s strategic and hands-on approach to Security Compliance Implementation can turn your cybersecurity plans into an actionable program.

Semper Sec Can Accelerate Your Path to Compliance

On average, our programs can be fully implemented within six months, potentially even quicker depending on your company's capabilities and readiness. Our streamlined process involves pinpointing the most suitable framework(s), efficiently implementing a comprehensive security program, and adeptly managing it to ensure ongoing compliance. Let's tailor a speed that suits your pace, propelling you toward your compliance goals!

"Semper Sec takes a partner approach in understanding where a business is at and develops a tailored security program to ensure the necessary security doesn’t slow down productivity."

"Semper Sec was a knowledgeable partner who helped shepherd my team throughout the entire engagement."

"Going through this process and documenting what was currently being done, Semper Sec supplied suggestions on how to streamline a lot of those processes."

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

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Struggling with the complexities of maintaining compliance or adapting to new standards? Discover how Semper Sec’s Compliance-as-a-Service offers a tailored solution to keep your compliance efforts strong, relevant, and aligned with your business objectives.

Do you face challenges maintaining compliance, dealing with staffing changes, or updating your standards? Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) from Semper Sec is the support your business needs.

Designed for entities already navigating the complex terrain of compliance standards, our service ensures your program remains up-to-date, efficient, and aligned with your growth.

We act not just as consultants but as partners, giving you expert guidance to keep your compliance on track—even if your internal resources are stretched thin.

As your CaaS partner, we will:

  • Conduct annual compliance activities like risk assessments
  • Support during certifications and documentation updates
  • Act as your advocate, voicing essential internal changes
  • Redirect your team’s focus to critical technical roles
  • Adapt your compliance strategy to changing standards

Is keeping up with compliance demands stretching your resources thin?

Let's explore how Semper Sec can relieve your blue team. Schedule your free strategy session today to explore how our Compliance-as-a-Service can streamline your compliance efforts and empower you to focus on what you do best.

"With Semper Sec we were able to be certified within 6 months, without having to expand resources or dedicate additional team members to maintain the program."

"Semper Sec became an extension of the team and we wanted to be successful, just like they wanted us to be successful."

"In comparison to other consultants, Semper Sec felt like a partnership the whole time, even during the audit. It felt like a collaboration throughout, versus being told what to do."