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Watch this video for insights from our CEO and founder, Rob Carson. You'll discover how to navigate complex compliance requirements effectively while building and improving security programs. Plus, you'll learn about the importance of continuous improvement and strategic engagement in managing security and compliance within a business.

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  • Expand your service offerings with security framework & compliance consulting
  • Engage in monthly strategic calls to uncover joint sales opportunities
  • Win over new business by showcasing top-tier security services

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Referrals Made Easy: Here's Why Our Clients Trust Us...

Authenticity Wins Deals:
Our clients appreciate our sales team's upfront and genuine approach, making every engagement a pleasant experience.

Real Help, Not Just Templates:
Our clients value our consultants' hands-on assistance by offering practical, effective help and tailored solutions.

Trusted Partner in Audits:
Come audit time, our clients rely on us as their trusted advocate, partnering closely to navigate through the process smoothly.

In the world of Managed Service Providers, the stakes are always high. You're the guardians of your clients' digital realms, ensuring their data is safe and their operations run smoothly. That's a hefty responsibility, but with Semper Sec, you're not shouldering it alone. Our team, seasoned in the art of cybersecurity, brings a wealth of experience from our days as CIOs and CISOs. We're here to bolster your offerings with tailored, effective security strategies.

Think of us as your tactical partner. We're not about off-the-shelf solutions; we dive in to understand you and your clients' unique challenges, customizing our approach to fit your and their needs like a well-engineered cog in your MSP machine.

And when audit times roll around, we stand with you and your clients, ensuring your compliance is not just met, but exceeded. Our mission? To turn your cybersecurity offerings from a necessity into a strategic asset, helping you gain an edge in your market. Let's team up and strengthen your MSP services, making your security offerings not just a line item, but a key differentiator for your business.

Elevate Your Security Posture with Our Expert Framework Guidance

ISO 27001
Secure and maintain information security management standards.

ISO 27701 (processor/controller)
Uphold privacy management within the information security context.

ISO 27017/27018
Protect personal information in public cloud environments.

ISO 27036
Manage and secure third-party relationships and integrations.

Navigate and comply with EU data protection regulations.

Implement robust payment card data security measures.

Demonstrate trustworthiness across SOC 2's five trust principles.

NIST 800-171/CMMC
Adhere to US federal standards for protecting controlled unclassified information.

Our Expertise Helps You Strengthen Your MSP Offerings

Unlock enhanced revenue, fortified security, and comprehensive compliance solutions—a strategic alliance empowering your MSP’s growth and client success.
Security Framework Consulting

Security Framework Consulting

Tailored to the MSP environment, Semper Sec's consulting services decode the complex security landscape, strategizing frameworks that fortify both your MSP operations and the digital well-being of your clients. Learn More

Security Compliance Gap Assessments

Our targeted assessments are a reconnaissance for resilience, identifying crucial security gaps in your MSP offerings and providing clear directives to elevate the safeguards you provide to your clients. Learn More

Gap Assessments
Security Compliance Implementation

Security Compliance Implementation

Semper Sec stands as a strategic partner in rolling out robust compliance measures, ensuring that your MSP not only meets industry benchmarks but also delivers a competitive edge to your clients’ security strategies. Learn More

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Our CaaS operates as an extension of your MSP team, offering agile and ongoing compliance navigation to keep your services and your clients' data security ahead of the curve in regulatory adherence. Learn More

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

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"In comparison to other consultants, Semper Sec felt like a partnership the whole time, even during the audit. It felt like a collaboration throughout, versus being told what to do."

"Semper Sec takes a partner approach in understanding where a business is at and develops a tailored security program to ensure the necessary security doesn’t slow down productivity."

"With Semper Sec we were able to be certified within six months, without having to expand resources or dedicate additional team members to maintain the program."