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"Semper Sec showed us that just understanding the gaps is half the battle. Prioritizing against business risks has helped us move the needle significantly."

"Semper Sec's crawl, walk, run methodology allowed everyone involved to be more relaxed during an intimidating process."

"Semper Sec was a knowledgeable partner who helped shepherd my team throughout the entire engagement."

"Going through this process and documenting what was currently being done, Semper Sec supplied suggestions on how to streamline a lot of those processes."

"It was a daunting task to wrap our head around the whole process. Semper Sec systematically laid everything out in a very simple fashion and got it implemented."

"Semper Sec takes a partner approach in understanding where a business is at and develops a tailored security program to ensure the necessary security doesn’t slow down productivity."

"Semper Sec helped us mitigate gaps with what has worked best. Since they've implemented and managed countless environments, they were able to find the right mitigation strategy that fit our business."

"We had processes and procedures in place, some followed very closely and some not. It took Semper Sec to help us evaluate and really see what truly worked for us as a company."

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