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Plan Your Process & Prepare Your Organization 

To begin any compliance process, we will need to evaluate differences between existing cybersecurity programs and controls against your chosen frameworks.  We offer two options.


Compliance Process Readiness

Prepare your organization for a security compliance process and engender critical buy-in from stakeholders.


Senior or Top Management and Business Process Owners


This is a one or two day clinic held at the client site. We break down the chosen compliance framework’s standard requirements and how they can be tailored to fit into your business process.  New projects may be uncovered. We can tailor the clinic to evaluate different frameworks against standards you are already following.


Organizations will gain an understanding of what is really required. This is a great opportunity to engage key stakeholders as clinic participants to ensure buy-in.

Framework Gap Assessment

Obtain an evaluation of what changes are needed for your organization to pass an audit.


Risk and Business Process Owners


We conduct a holistic review of the framework you have chosen and assess your readiness for a certification assessment. This is performed in two steps beginning with a Current Security Program Review and followed by a Security Control Review.


 We provide you with an Action Plan and a Risk Treatment Plan. We will confirm the originally chosen framework or recommend a substitution depending upon findings within the organization combined with commitments to customers.   

Find out how security compliance can enhance your success!